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Update: Fassbender Confirmed for Ridley Scott's "The Counselor," Written by Cormac McCarthy

Scott, McCarthy and Fassbender



    UPDATE: Not two weeks after word broke that Ridley Scott was courting Michael Fassbender to star in a new film, written by Cormac McCarthy, comes confirmation, via Deadline, that the Irishman is indeed on board.

    McCarthy is one of America's greatest living novelists, and has become in the past few years a hot property in Hollywood. "The Counselor" is his first original script for a feature film, and it has garnered exactly the kind of reaction you'd expect.

    "The Counselor" tells the story of a lawyer who tries to make a little extra money on the side by getting in on a drug deal that eventually goes pear-shaped, leaving our hero in a mess of trouble. Ridley Scott almost immediately committed to directing the film, and promptly turned to his "Prometheus," Fassbender, to take the title role.

    The film is already scheduled to start shooting May 1, but Scott is still in need of a bad guy. Jeremy Renner, Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt are among the names being kicked around--but aren't they always? Though in this case, they seem perfectly reasonable choices.

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    It looks like the script will go from completion to production in about six months which has to be some sort of modern-day record. 

    In the meantime, Scott and Fassbender's "Alien" spin-off "Prometheus" opens June 8, leaving you plenty of time to catch up on Fassbender's last two films, "Shame" and "Haywire."


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