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Robert and Gregg Fishman, Owners
Post Haste Pharmacy and Wellness Center

About Us

Post Haste Compounding Pharmacy and Wellness Center was Pharmacy of the Year because of the superior products, staff and customer service. Post Haste has brand name pharmaceuticals, a complete line of high-grade vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients which they deliver and mail to their customers. Robert Fishman is renowned for his work with balance women to create balance with bio-identical, natural hormones and nutrients. We are a state-of-the-art compounding pharmacy and make many different speciality products for patients, pets and their doctors. Compounding medicines provides the doctor flexibility in what they give their patients for treatment. Our clinical pharmacists provide medication therapy management a program designed to analyze all medications, herbal and nutritional products. The pharmacists are clinical nutritionists, and naturopaths, and we have a nurse for patient health screenings.   - Robert and Gregg Fishman, Owners

Our Mission

Our mission is to treat each patient like we would our own family. We want each person to feel good when they walk out the door knowing we did all we could to help them.

Pharmacist Corner - My Health Tip

Nutrition is the key to all the functions in the human body. GOOD HEALTH CAN ONLY BE ACHIEVED THROUGH GOOD NUTRITION.

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