Miami Artist Makes Paper Pop

Jen Stark takes construction paper and makes it art

Jen Stark cuts paper. She cuts lots and lots of paper. Like tons of construction paper, and then she takes the paper and makes it into beautiful kaleidoscope-like art sculptures. Not exactly a child’s play, the pieces are complex and very labor intensive.

Stark is one of the most well respected artists in Miami, and as a young lady, she’s one of a very few of her kind. Her work has the precision of a computer-generated product, but is actually the creation of a talented obsessive mind. She takes layers of paper and makes it into mind-boggling shapes and sculptures. Essentially it’s like psychedelic paper-mania.

For those who’ve seen her work, undoubtedly, you’ve gotten very close and thought, “how the hell does she do that?” and maybe you even said it out loud. Each piece is so well conceived and well produced, it’s hard to wrap your mind around her work. Each one leave you wondering how anyone could have had such focus to create the labyrinthine oeuvres.

Jen also uses drawings and animation to convey her vision and now utilizes wood and mirrors as mediums. Jen has shown all over the country, but this weekend, she’s hosting a solo show in New York at the LMAK Projects called The Beginning of the End. This show looks at the idea of infinity and much of her work speaks of that snaking concept. This exhibit explores color and metamorphosis of forms and volumes, which all sounds very heavy, but is actually a fantastic visual experience.

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