NiteTalk: Peter Tunney is Gonna Chat You Up

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Tonight, within the Walls of Wynwood, visionary visualist Peter Tunney will be telling a few folks about his Beautiful World. It may be invitation only; it may not be. We're not sure. But if you know where to go it won't matter, because you'll already be there -- right alongside Peter Tunney.

Rumor has it you're given some kinda lecture tonight. Wanna tell us a bit about it? Well a large group of collectors and art aficionados will trip through my world and I'm gonna give them the full PETER TUNNEY EXPERIENCE, which basically means I'l be working, painting, playing, doing magic tricks and blah blah blahing.... to re-coin a phrase. Probably sign some books and give out gifts and prizes to our parting contestants, too!

Any chance of Peter Tunney taking to the lecture circuit? Just the word L E C T U R E  gives me the heebeegeebies so, no... that being said, I've given my share of diatribes, I have been approached many times regarding this and once in a while I'll emcee an event or host a discussion... you never know. The next Tony Robbins? I doubt it..

Actually, you'd be dynamite leading some kinda travelling road show - wouldn't you agree? I am kind of on the road right now actually, THE PETER TUNNEY EXPERIENCE, my particular brand of  participatory exhibition art/circus, where I routinely just work in the museum or exhibition is what we started here in MY AMI, and it was so well received I'm pretty sure we just keep it moving -- Paris, London, Madrid, Mexico City, Vienna, Berlin is my old route and I look forward to re-stomping those grounds. 

Speaking of the road, word is you just blasted back from the West Coast. What was that all about? Well, I'm fairly involved, ok ok, obsessed, with the Dictionary and I have been tearing it up, lighting the pages on fire, blowing up pages, doing massive collages, and actually then painting the definitions on top. The show is called DICTIONARY DAZE and I opened at Kana Manglapus gallery last week in LA and it was a great success. Dictionary Daze will travel, largely without me, to cities in the U.S.

Miamians gonna get a gander at the new works any time soon?
You know I made the whole show here in my Wynwood Walls studio, and thousands of people come by here and catch me painting all the time, and YES lots of work for future DICTIONARY DAZE shows are hanging right now and in process.

Before we go-go, what's next for Peter Tunney? 
OMG....  another day would be fantastic, it's like a miracle everyday to do what I'm doing.

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