NiteTalk: Yamil Piedra is Just One of a Pair of Nuts

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Miami might be known more for being funny peculiar, rather funny ha-ha, but if a certain Pair of Nuts have their way, all that will soon change. The tag team of MIA homeboys, whose interweb presence includes the ubiquitous Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, are not just funny ha-ha though -- they're a veritable laugh riot. Check 'em out Backstage at The Fillmore for this year's South Beach Comedy Fest.

For the few who don't yet know, who (and what) are Pair of Nuts?
A Pair of Nuts is a Miami-based comedy duo comprised of two homegrown Cuban boys -- Yamil Piedra and Johnny Trabanco -- who are making things happen on a national level. We are two guys who met in college at FIU who loved making people laugh with our stupidities. Now we get paid to do it. We are professional stupids.

If pushed, would you consider yourselves the Cuban-American descendants of Abbot & Costello?
Absolutely! We get that all the time and are honored to be compared to them. We've been called a modern day Abbott & Costello with an edgy flair.

Who else has influenced you Nuts? We grew up watching SNL, In Living Color, Kids in the Hall, The State. In one way or another, we were influenced by all these sketch shows that spawned such amazing talent.

Any of your faves making the Fest this year?
Lewis Black and of course; Roastmaster General Jeffrey Ross and his mercilessness. It's also cool to see other sketch groups making their way into the festival this year.

Speaking of which, what can fans expect at The Fillmore this Saturday night?
Most people know us from our online videos, but seeing Nuts LIVE and in your face is a completely different experience. You can expect a comedy show like you've never seen before. But don't take our word for it, what do we know? We just have an Emmy Award, millions of online views, tour nationwide, and are currently in development for our own show with a major Hollywood production company. Whatevs.

Pair of Nuts perform March 3, 11pm Backstage at The Fillmore Miami Beach. For more information log on here.

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