Sienna Miller Still Waiting for First Date

Actress says her love life is lacking

She's famous for her love life, but Sienna Miller insists that she has never been on a proper date.

The New York Post reported that in an interview for the July issue of "Vogue," Miller discussed how she ends up falling into 'serious' relationships without actually ever going on a real date.

The British actress told the magazine, "I've actually never been taken on a date in my whole life. I have never had a one-night stand. I'm a real relationship person, contrary to public perception. I get kind of emotionally involved very quickly, and I'm not going to spend time with someone unless I love them. But it's not hard for me to fall in love."

The 27-year-old sex symbol plays the Baroness in the upcoming "G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra" directed by Stephen Sommers. Alongside co-starring actors Dennis Quad and Channing Tatum, Miller's character wears an Underworld-like leather body suit. The film opens this summer on August 7th across the country.

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