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Bosh: Public Opinion 'Doesn't Really Matter'

The Heat's Third King takes All-Star snub in stride



    Bosh: Public Opinion 'Doesn't Really Matter'
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    Boshy Bear ain't care

    Chris Bosh is done trying to please people. The Miami Heat forward was asked last week about his snub in the NBA All-Star voting, and he said the public's opinion of him "doesn't really matter to me."

    The Sun Sentinel asked Bosh on Friday how he felt about losing out in fan voting for a All-Star game starting spot, replying, "I'm not a popular guy, I guess."
    Bosh lost by a mile to the New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony for the second forward spot in the Eastern Conference (teammate LeBron James grabbed the other forward starting nod), even though he is having arguably the better season statistically. Bosh is averaging 20 points, 8 rebounds and one block per game on 50% shooting, compared to Anthony's 23 points and 6 boards on 40% shooting (the worst shooting percentage of his career).
    It probably helps that Bosh is almost guaranteed a spot on the All-Star bench when coaches vote on All-Star reserves. 
    Bosh was also asked about Charles Barkley's defense of him after the final tallies were announced, saying, "It's cool, I must be doing okay." Barkley said on TNT's All Star Selection show that Bosh deserved the nod over Anthony, and even chastised Shaquille O'Neal for disagreeing.
    Bosh has been the most maligned member of Miami's Big Three ever since they formed their triumvirate in 2010. In the most notable example of Bosh hate, Scottie Pippen referred to the Heat's trio as "Two and a Half Men" in 2011 (you can guess who the half is).
    Shaq has upped the ante among the anti-Bosh crowd, having gone so far to say that the fact Bosh cried after the Heat's loss to the Dallas Mavericks is proof that he can never be an elite player. 
    But Bosh does not appear concerned with the public's opinion. "I just try to be the best player I can be," he concluded. He knows that if the Heat start winning titles, his critics will come around to him, or at least their criticisms have less credibility.
    Either way, Bosh will probably care even less about his critics when he has a shiny championship ring to keep his mind occupied.