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Marlins Not Angling to Trade Stanton: Report

Miami has not even discussed a possible trade of Giancarlo Stanton, despite inquiries from other teams



    Marlins Not Angling to Trade Stanton: Report

    The winter of Giancarlo Stanton trade rumors has only just begun, but the Miami Marlins are once again dealing with reports that they are considering trading their star outfielder. Multiple team sources told the Miami Herald over the weekend that the team still plans to start Stanton in right field on Opening Day, despite the reports.

    The Miami Herald reported Sunday that an earlier report from the San Diego Union-Tribune stating that the Marlins have discussed a trade with the Padres is bunk, according to multiple Miami sources.

    One source told the Herald they "are not moving [Stanton]," while another source called the report about the Padres "totally ridiculous." The team's plan to hold on to Stanton for at least another season have "not changed at all."

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    What is happening, according to the Herald, is that the team answers any phone call it receives and listens to proposals from other teams, but little else. The Marlins continue to keep their ear to the ground in case another team makes an offer to vastly overpay for Stanton, but otherwise plan on doing nothing.

    Last week saw a report that the Marlins had received a trade offer from the Seattle Mariners for Stanton, but nothing happened after that.

    Stanton is due to make a little over the league minimum next season, even though he is one of the premier power hitters in baseball. That, plus the fact that he cannot become a free agent until after 2016, makes Stanton a hot commodity.

    However, a team would have to give up multiple top prospects in order to get the Marlins to bite on an offer, similar to when the Detroit Tigers offered a package of six prospects (including two former first-round picks) in return for OF Miguel Cabrera and LHP Dontrelle Willis after the 2007 season.

    Even if another team makes such an offer, the Marlins may be reluctant to bite, considering how none of the prospects received in the Cabrera deal ever panned out.

    But none of that will prevent the spread of Stanton rumors. Marlins fans who have not already turned their back on the team following November's massive fire sale have no escape from the rumors besides tuning them out completely.