Police Identify Man Killed in Shooting Near Miami Gardens Park

Police are investigating after a man was shot and killed near a Miami Gardens park Tuesday.

On Wednesday, police identified the shooting victim as 48-year-old Eric Andre Brown of Miami Gardens.

The shooting happened in the area of Northwest 187th Street and Northwest 28th Avenue near the Brentwood Pool Recreation Center at 18800 Northwest 28th Place.

"Pa, pa pa, that's what I heard," witness Najema Chery said, describing the gunshots.

Chery said it started with an argument and seconds later she heard three gunshots just outside her Miami Gardens home.

"They were arguing over drugs, money wise. He owed him money for drugs, wasn't gonna pay. He left, came back in the SUV and then I hear pa, pa, pa," said one neighbor, who didn't want to be identified.

Police said they took one person in for questioning.

"Right now that person is a part of the investigation but we don't know what to identify that person as at this momemnt," Det. Michael Wright said.

Neighbors believe they know who was involved in the dispute.

"Where they always hang out, they hang out right there under the thingy and under the shade," Chery said.

As police continued to investigate the crime scene, residents who live near the park said they're in shock something like this happened in broad daylight in an area where children frequently play.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Miami Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS.

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