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Hungry Gator Eats Poor Cat for Breakfast

Palm Bay residents on alert after alligator snacks on kitty



    Hungry Gator Eats Poor Cat for Breakfast
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    Feline was on the menu for a large alligator in a Palm Bay neighborhood Tuesday, and now residents are on high alert to make sure they don't become the next meal. 

    Robert Geraci, 70, could barely finish his morning cup of coffee after he heard loud splashing in the canal behind his mobile park home, according to floridatoday.com

    And he almost lost his breakfast when he saw a cat trapped inside the mouth of a large alligator.

    "It was the alligator, he's been there for a while. I looked down and I saw something in his mouth, I thought it was a turtle but I said, 'Oh my God, it's a cat,'" Geraci said. ""That poor thing, it probably was a feral cat. The gators are amusing as long as they don't bother anyone, but when they do something like this. . . you have to pay attention."

    Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials went to the scene and called a trapper out for the alligator.

    Gators larger than four feet are destroyed and the trapper gets to keep the meat and hide.

    Geraci warned his neighbors to be careful with their pets around the canal.