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Kanye Apology Tour Coming to Miami

Will Lady Gaga be the next victim of Kanye West beasting?



    Kanye Apology Tour Coming to Miami
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    Kanye grew silent when asked by Jay what his late mother would have thought of the incident.

    Lady Gaga better handcuff that mic to her wrist when she hits the stage in December in Miami because you just never know when Kanye West will strike.

    Fresh off of stealing the show, in a bad way, at the MTV Music Video Awards over the weekend, Kanyeezy will bring his pompous yet entertaining act to the American Airlines Arena as part of the "Fame Kills" tour with Gaga on Dec. 9.

    It's been a year since Kanye has graced the MIA with his presence, but it's unlikely local fans will get a humbler artist, no matter how many tears and apologies drip from West's lips.

    But don't rush to buy tickets yet. West told Jay Leno on Monday night that he would take some time off -- you know, to let this whole Taylor Swift thing blow over.

    The tour is supposed to help drum up support for West's latest album, 808s & Heartbreak, but who needs a concert when you have an artist who will commandeer a mic and embarrass another musician on national TV. Can't beat that publicity.

    Lady Gaga, you've been warned. Pardon the interruption.