Airbag Doesn't Protect Pot from Police Pooch

Traffic stop turns into big brick bust

An alert police officer with a nose for narcotics turned a routine traffic stop on I-75 into a big drug bust for cops in Lee County.

Deputy Frank Trestka stopped a BMW Wednesday night for following too closely, and during the stop, he thought he smelled marijuana inside the car. Trestka's nose proved positive when he brought over his K-9 that was accompanying him.

The canine sniffed out four bricks of marijuana that were stored in the airbag compartment in the BMW dashboard. The bricks of pot were not listed as a legal option on the car.

The two men in the BMW were arrested for transporting drugs while on their trip from Miami to Tampa.

But drugs weren't the only crime the police dog sniffed out: Later that night, a couple traveling on the highway was arrested for carrying 29 fraudulent credit cards.

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