Astronaut: I'm Not Crazy After All

As if anyone would question that driving cross country in diapers to confront alk an ex-boyfriend is normal

The former NASA astronaut that made headlines around the world for her alleged cross country dash in diapers dropped her insanity defense motion, according to her attorneys Thursday.

Lisa Nowak had filed papers last year leaving the option open for an insanity defense to fight allegations that she drove from Houston to Orlando with the intent to kidnap the girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend, both of whom were astronauts. Prosecutors said she did it all with a diaper on no less to save time from stopping for potty breaks on her 1,000 trek.

Her attorney says the diaper allegation is bogus.

The news of the withdrawal comes after a judge appointed a psychiatrist and a psychologist to evaluate Nowak's sanity last month and report to the court. Prosecutors said Nowak dressed in a disguise and stalked Colleen Shipman through the airport, then attacked her with Mace in a parking lot.

That's probably not normal behavior, but who's to say it was insane?

Shipman had apparently been messing around with former space shuttle pilot Bill Oelefein, Nowak's love interest.

Nowak has pleaded not guilty to attempted kidnapping, battery and burglary charges.

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