Authorities Check for Fugitives at Miami International Airport

Multi-agency operation at MIA on anniversary of 9/11

Authorities targeted wanted fugitives coming into Miami International Airport during a multi-agency operation Wednesday, with the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on everyone's minds.

"This is a day of remembrance yet a day that we need to be especially on our toes given that this is the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks," MIA Director of Security Lauren Stover said. "We're working together today to remember this day and what took place 12 years ago."

MIA security was working with Miami-Dade Police and the Department of Homeland Security in the operation, which targeted vehicles coming into the airport for random checks.

Stover said the airport is also expanding its behavior detection program to volunteers.

Miami's airport is the only U.S. airport that requires all employees to receive training in behavior detection before receiving an ID badge, Stover said.

The airport is now expanding the program to 80 volunteer airport ambassadors, who are stationed throughout the airport terminal to assist passengers. The behavior detection training class teaches employees how to detect and report suspicious behavior at the airport.

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