Boobs, Brody and the Beach: An Expensive New Year's in Miami

Plastic surgeon offers a bit of everything for 2010

A New York plastic surgeon is invading Miami with what he calls the most expensive New Years Eve package ever, including everything from a boob job to a seat for Lady Gaga's show.

For a mere $100,000, Dr. Stephen Greenberg, "one of the nation's leading plastic surgeons," according to his book A Little Nip, A Little Tuck, will give you a New Years you won't soon forget.

The package includes round trip airfare from New York to Miami, you know, because there aren't enough New Yorkers down here. Accomodations will include a choice of Penthouses at certain 5-star South Beach hotels for a month.

The big New Year's eve night comes with a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce to cart you to the hottest parties in town. You'll have a table for each of three soirees, including the Lady Gaga show at the Fontainebleau, the John Legend/Kid Cudi show at the W South Beach, as well as the Brody Jenner (yes, that Brody Jenner) bash at the Gansevoort.  

As if all that weren't enough, anyone who purchases the extravagant package will also get a boob job, complete with a 24-hour nurse and unlimited spa treatments.

Might as well ring in the new year with a new set.

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