Couple Arrested After Dozens of Guns, Drugs Found in Kendall Home: Miami-Dade Police

A couple was in custody Wednesday night after police say they found more than 30 firearms and some drugs inside a Kendall home.

Miami-Dade Police officials said they carried 32 guns including handguns, rifles and an Uzi out of the house on Southwest 98th Avenue. Police also found 1/4 kilo of cocaine, 464 Xanax, 2 1/4 pounds of pot, and 39 OxyContin.

On Tuesday, investigators received a hand written anonymous tip about possible drug activity at the home. They immediately responded and conducted surveillance.

A man and woman, identified by police as Charice and Paul Labrador, have been arrested. They've been together a very long time, nearly 20 years.

"Why so much guns? What were his intentions? We can't take lightly, as you mentioned, especially in this day and era, how people are being very blatant and shooting at innocent people, that why the individual has to have 32 guns, 19 firearms, one being an Uzi, which is a very powerful firearm," Miami-Dade Police spokesman Alvaro Zabaleta said.

In Florida, possession of all those guns is legal if they are properly registered. The fact they were found with drugs is what makes this criminal, to the level of armed trafficking, some pretty serious felonies.

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