Couple Looking for Answers in Dania Beach Motorcycle Theft

Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of motorcycles has been stolen from Dania Beach. The couple who owns the company shipping them is looking for answers.

Crystal and Chris Champagne of California said it's still hard to believe, "Went to sleep, woke up the next morning and noticed it was gone."

The couple owns a motorcycle shipping company, Ship Bikes Right.

"We ship from California to Florida and Florida to California," Crystal explained.

Their operation is at a standstill. They hope anyone who spots their truck and trailer, or the license plates (California: 65416V1), calls the Broward Sheriff's Office.

They said there were 11 motorcycles inside and they were to be delivered to customers close to the Fort Lauderdale Best Western where they checked in on Wednesday.

"All of the clients have been contacted. We've apologized to them," the couple said.

They said they've been in business for five years and nothing like this has ever happened.

Even though they have no idea who took their trailer, the couple said they know the crime was caught on surveillance camera. They said they confirmed that with hotel management, and the video is in the hands of detectives.

The couple is hoping detectives catch whoever is responsible.

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