FIU President: Sadness, Love Persist After Parkland Tragedy

At a memorial for victims of the Parkland school tragedy, FIU President Mark Rosenberg spoke of the dual emotions that remain: sadness and love.

Some 200 people on Wednesday packed a room at the FIU campus, where about 70 graduates from Parkland's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School attend.

Rosenberg said that "sadness persists" every passing day since the shooting in which 17 people were killed on Feb. 14.

“So we got sadness and we have love. Sadness carries the important lessons. It can be a motivation for us it can drive us to make a difference and to promote real change," Rosenberg said.

The South Florida community has come together in mourning following the devastation wrought unto Parkland.

Among the victims, coach Aaron Feis – who died sacrificing himself to protect students. He was fondly remembered by an FIU student.

"He taught me that I could be tough on the field but still be humble and hard-working in my everyday life," Jonathan Sabag said. "He was a true mentor."

During the memorial service, Rosenberg urged students to care for each other and to remember victims.

"Each of those 17 souls had stories that were still being written – bright futures, hopes and dreams that will never be realized," Rosenberg said.

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