Florida Detective Wrangles Up 9-Foot Yellow Anaconda

A Florida detective responded to an unusual call on Wednesday, but it was one that she apparently knew how to handle.

Detective Shaw, of the Leon County Sheriff's Office, skillfully wrangled up a 9-foot-long yellow anaconda from a grassy area near a roadway in Tallahassee.

Officials say Shaw had experience handling exotic snakes, so she was the right person for the call.

Shaw used a thick tree branch and one bare hand to drag the serpent from a bed of leaves in storm ditch, and slowly maneuvered it into a duffel bag.

The massive snake is believed to be someone’s pet that either escaped or was released.

“If you own an exotic pet please be responsible,” officials warned in a Facebook post along with a video of the capture. “Make sure their cages are completely secure and if you decide you no longer want it DO NOT release it into the wild.”

For more information on surrendering an exotic pet, click here.

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