Florida Gators Wide Receiver, Miami Native Cleared by School of Sexual Assault Charges in Case Heard by School Booster

A Florida athletics booster serving as a hearing officer for the school has cleared standout receiver and Miami native Antonio Callaway of sexual assault.

Jake Schickel, who was a track athlete for the school and has given thousands in booster money, delivered his decision in writing Friday, saying his impression from last week's code of conduct hearing was that Callaway "was honest, sincere, and presented himself well.''

The accuser, her attorney and witnesses boycotted the hearing, saying Schickel was biased because of his financial contributions to the Gators.

Callaway, who was a prep star at Booker T. Washington High School, was the only witness at the hearing. Schickel said Callaway testified that the sexual encounter was consensual and he was high on marijuana. Callaway testified, "I was so stoned I had no interest in having sex with anyone,'' and said the woman was the aggressor.

Schickel said the burden of proof, which was a preponderance of evidence, wasn't met in the case. So he found Callaway not responsible.

The accuser has 10 business days to appeal the ruling.

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