June 24, 2013 Declared “Miami Heat 2013 NBA Champions Day”

Miami-Dade County has declared Monday, June 24th, 2013 as "Miami Heat 2013 NBA Champions Day"

Monday June 24th, 2013 has officially been declared "Miami Heat 2013 NBA Champions Day."

Miami-Dade County District 6 Chairwoman, Rebecca Sosa, presented a plaque to Miami Heat President, Pat Riley at the championship celebration inside the AmericanAirlines Arena Monday afternoon.

“We are proud of the Heat, we are proud of all of you, we are proud of the owners, we are proud of you Mr. President,” Sosa said. “We’re proud of every coach that dedicated so much time but our biggest proudness is for each one of the players that you gave your heart for what you were doing for Miami-Dade County.”

Pat Riley responded on stage by expressing gratitude to the city.

“It doesn’t ever work unless there’s people like you helping us, and all of us that work in this city to give back to the community, so thank you so much for everything that you do,” Riley said.

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