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Man Caught on Camera Stealing Puppy From Pembroke Pines Pet Store

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A man was caught on surveillance video stealing a puppy from a Pembroke Pines pet shop Monday, and now employees are worried about the animal's safety.

A customer was seen with eight-week-old Pomeranian-Poodle "Toby" in one hand, pushing an employee out of the way with the other, and making his way to the exit. 

“The customer started getting defensive over the puppy,” said Tiffany Carrazana, a manager at Petland in Pembroke Pines. “Our employee was like, ‘Oh, no, I’m going to need to get the dog back,’ because of how he was acting.”

Carrazana said around 11:30 Monday morning, a man came in, looked at puppies, and went through the usual process of getting one. Minutes later, she said things took a turn. 

“He seemed a little unstable based off the actions he was giving us,” Carrazana said. “So we just want our puppy back because we’re worried about the puppy’s well-being.” 

The manager said Toby had only been at the store for about two weeks. She does not think he’s safe. 

“We don’t know what type of life that puppy is leading into and that’s what’s worrying us the most,” Carrazana said. 

She said the police are involved, but also asking the community to keep an eye out for Toby. 

“Especially that it’s a very small puppy, anything could happen to that dog in a matter of minutes,” she said. 

If you have seen Toby around, management wants you to reach out to the store or give police a call.

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