Miami Circle May Open Soon… Minus the Circle

Miami Circle visitors will be able to enjoy a new promenade and park, but not the actual historical landmark

Remember the Miami Circle?

You know, that great “archeological find” that only seemed to come up when it was thwarting the plans of some high-end real estate developer?

Well, according to the Miami Herald, the public might actually get to enjoy the site that we taxpayers grudgingly bought 10 years ago for the low, low price of $27 million as soon as the end of the year.

While the $750,000 state plan includes a promenade, park and some bus drop-off areas, though, that wad of cash doesn’t include the actual circle, a 38-foot-wide area that archeologists believe is part of a bigger Tequesta tribe village. As of now, the National Historic Landmark will remain covered and be represented by some strategically placed stones.

Which is kind of like going to Stonehenge and finding out the big rocks were replaced by big pieces of brown foam.

Even if folks did want to make a visit to the faux circle, however, they’d have to come on foot, as only two parking spots are part of the plan -- both handicapped.

Nevertheless, planners seem to be optimistic.

“We're fighting to get some basic stuff done,” said Eric Buermann, chairman of the water management district and the Miami River Commission. “It's been a long time in coming and it's really past due, but this plan will clean up the site and allow people to go down there and appreciate what is there. It's a big first step.''

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