Miami-Dade Officer Stabbed in Deadly Confrontation May Leave Hospital Soon

Officer Mario Gutierrez continues to recover at Jackson Memorial Hospital after stabbing.

The Miami-Dade officer who was stabbed before he fatally shot a suspect at a gas station is expected to make a full recovery and may be released from the hospital soon.

Officer Mario Gutierrez continues to recover at Jackson Memorial Hospital following the Tuesday night incident at the Shell station at Northwest 25th Street and LeJeune Road.
Police said the suspect, Dominique Jean, went after Gutierrez with a screw driver and knife in the parking lot of the gas station. Gutierrez, who was out on patrol, noticed Jean doing something that looked illegal so he approached him.

The gas station manager said Jean had what he thought was the lid to an underground gas tank open and was trying to light it on fire. Jean attacked the officer and as a result Gutierrez shot him and Jean died at the scene.
According to police Jean, who came from Haiti illegally, has been arrested multiple times since 2010.
One arrest was in southern California for carrying concealed weapons and trespassing outside a MacDonald’s.
Six days later, Jean was found in Miami drunk and half-naked in Bayside. He was arrested again in Miami last December for trying to stab a man’s neck, then was arrested in June at Miami International Airport for acting erratically in concourse E.
Doctors said of the many stab wounds Gutierrez suffered, the worst was to his arm.

"The right arm was the injury that caused us the most concern in the amount of blood loss but we expect a full recovery shortly," JMH surgeon Tayne Zakrison said Wednesday.

He is expected to go home any day and possibly return to work soon.

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