Miami-Dade Teens Arrested for Video of Beating Posted on Facebook: Police

Two Miami-Dade teens are in custody after a video that shows them beating another man was posted on Facebook, police said.

Two Miami-Dade teens are being held on charges of aggravated battery after a video of a fight was posted on Facebook, officials said.

The video shows Alexander Baztan, 18, and Eduardo Rodriguez, 19, punching and kicking 21-year-old Adriano Boniche, according to Miami-Dade arrest reports. Police said the fight began after a verbal confrontation among the men.

Boniche sustained a shattered cheek bone, which required surgery, and a laceration to the right side of his head, which required multiple stitches, the reports said. He also had multiple bruises on his body, according to police.

Officials said the suspects admitted to beating the victim.

When Baztan appeared before Judge Rodney Smith in Miami-Dade bond court Thursday, his attorney asked if Baztan could be referred to a transitional program to help him get back into school instead of being given jail time.

Smith denied the request, saying, "I mean, you were bragging about this on Facebook? Are you serious?"

Baztan is being held on $7,500 bond and Rodriguez is being held without bond for violating probation.

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