New Reality Show Has SoFla Contestants

One of the challenges the teams faced was in the Everglades.

NBC’s new reality show Escape Routes drives through six cities in the United States and makes a stop in South Florida.

Could it give the blue team an edge on the challenges?

Wilson and Sharon are from South Florida, so when the show’s host, Rossi Morreale, told them that their challenge would be a bit swampy, the pair probably knew exactly what they were getting into -- the Everglades.

That’s just one of the challenges all six teams of two faced.

This reality show is completely transparent with its fans and viewers because all the contestants are constantly tweeting, blogging, and not to mention live streaming straight from the Ford Escape they drive around in. The contestants also tweet and encourage all their fans to come out to the location they’re filming in. Check it all out by clicking here.

Remember to use #EscapeRoutes when tweeting about the show or the teams.

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