Owner Promises Sweet Reward for Stolen Ice Cream Truck

Jaxson's ice cream truck was stolen Saturday, officials said

The owner of a stolen ice cream truck is promising a sweet reward to whoever can give information about his truck’s whereabouts, according to The Miami Herald

Jaxson’s Ice Cream truck was stolen at 128 S. Federal Highway off Dania Beach early Saturday morning, authorities said.

“It’s been a trusty companion and a great back up when the power goes off or when the freezers go down (at the parlour),” Jerry Smith, Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlour, Restaurant and Country Store manager told the Herald. “We love our truck.”

The freezer truck has images of Jaxson’s owner, Monroe Udell, in a red apron, pointing toward several savory frozen treats, Smith said.

Anyone with information that can lead to the truck’s recovery will receive an a lifetime supply of free ice cream on every birthday, according to Jaxson's.

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