ShamWow Pitchman's Brutal Beat-Down

Pics show aftermath of ShamWow! spokesman's fight with hooker

ShamWow?  More like Sham-Oww!

New photos of a prostitute allegedly beaten by a late-night pitchman detail what appears to have been particularly brutal attack.  

Vince Shlomi, best known for hocking products for $19.95 on late night infomercials, was arrested on South Beach last month for allegedly beating up a prostitute who tried to bite out his tongue.

And if the photos of the hooker after the beating occurred are any indication, it appears Shlomi must not have liked what she was selling that night in his hotel room.

The ShamWow! Guy

The pics, posted on, allegedly show the battered and bruised hooker, Sasha Harris, with two blood-shot black eyes and multiple bruises on her body.   

According to a report on, Shlomi invited Harris up for "straight sex" at the low introductory rate of $1,000.

But wait...there's more.

When Shlomi, 44, tried to tongue kiss Harris, she latched onto his tongue with her teeth. Not sure if that was part of the offer or one of those throw in deals for acting fast Shlomi is always talking about.

Shlomi is probably best known as the ShamWow! guy who wears a phone headset while extolling the super absorbent virtues of the ShamWow towel. He also sells food choppers, which look pretty effective when he demonstrates.

Back to the action. So as Harris chewed on Shlomi's money maker - his tongue - the pitchman punched and punched until - ShamWow! - the hooker let go, according to the police report.

Shlomi ran to the lobby of the hotel where security called police. When they arrived, they found Shlomi bleeding from the mouth.

Authorities originally charged both combatants with aggravated battery, but prosecutors decided not to pursue the charges on either.

Shamwow! doesn't make a super absorbent bandage for tongues, but Shlomi might want to make a pitch for that, too.

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