Severe Weather Brings Wild Winds, Flooding to South Florida

Heavy rain was leading to flooding in some parts of South Florida Wednesday as storms swept through the region.

The Homestead Police Department advised drivers to use extreme caution on the roadways due to flooding. They urged drivers to stay off the roads, if possible Wednesday.

The area heavily impacted by flooding in Homestead was Southwest 328th Street from 167th to U.S. 1. If you encounter a flooded roadway, turn around.

Homestead was also dealing with several power outages and numerous traffic signals were impacted.

Flooding was also being reported in Florida City.

In Deerfield Beach, fire rescue crews reported downed powerlines at 1315 South Deerfield Avenue and wind damage throughout the city.

Wild winds tore the front porch off a home, flinging it into the neighbor's yard.

Francis Stewart was inside and heard it all, "I just heard all the noise, and I was in the den and just felt like the whole house was tearing down."

Neighbors across the street said it all started in their driveway.

"We observed a twister, it was live and in our driveway. In a split second, it went across the street, lifted the porch and landed on the other neighbor's house," Sally McCall explained.

"I just saw the water spinning around and around. I said, 'Look at the twister out there in the front yard,'" Jackie McCall recalled.

The Stewart family worked fast to tarp their damaged roof so no more rainwater could get in.

A few blocks away, Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue officials reported a home that was being fumigated had its tent blown off, and a shed blew into another yard.

Everyone is thankful the damage was minor and no one was injured.

"The main thing is no one lost their life. That's all that matters. Material things can be replaced," Jackie expressed.

BSO called the National Weather Service, and could know by Thursday whether a tornado came through.

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