Real Life Hitch Teaches Hooking Up in Miami

Adam Lyons will hold a 3-day seminar on picking up chicks on South Beach

If you’re best pick up line is, “Do I know you from somewhere?” or “You look like my next girlfriend,” then chances are you need Adam Lyons.

Now we didn’t know there was such a profession as hook-up counselor (actually we thought they were called pimps), but if there was such a person, Lyons would be the reality equivalent of the lead character in "Hitch."

Considered America’s No. 1 seducer, 28-year-old Lyons is coming to the Magic City to help you and others hook up. He won that title at something called the Pick Up Artists Summit in case you were wondering.

The 3-day seminar, or dating boot camp, is being held at the South Beach Villas and teaches men Lyons' famed secrets of attraction. You know, like how to approach women before they have had their fifth shot of Patron and before your wallet is empty.

True, you might not have the tools of Lyons – good looks, a British accent and a really big…ego – but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a lion hidden underneath your man suit.

You just need Lyons - the geek turned mack daddy - to help you find it.

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