Man Shot After Confronting Car Thief in Miami

A man was shot and hospitalized after confronting the suspects who stole his car Monday evening.

26-year-old Lazaro Arencibia appears to throw punches at someone in the backseat, and he ends up shot in the stomach. His mother told us he was trying to stop thieves that stole their family car.

"He's out of surgery; he's okay," said the victim's mother.

The shooting happened around 11:45 p.m. Monday night at a Shell Gas Station on North Miami Avenue and 82nd Street. The wounded man's mother says her family stopped there to gas up their other car, a white Cadillac, when they spotted someone gassing up their stolen Ford Focus.

They tried to stop the robbers, but it didn't work. Other customers saw what happened and took cover.

"Wow, incredible. You find your car that somebody stole right by the Shell Gas Station, said Babara Rivera, witness. "Unfortunately, they had guns and that's why sometimes you need police. You can't just take things into your hand, should've called the cops."

The station cashier told said two young men paid ten dollars cash to gas up that Ford Focus.

A few minutes later, gunfire rang out and rescuers rushed the wounded man to the hospital. His frantic family could hardly speak of it.

"I gotta go; I gotta see him." said the victim's mother.

Witnesses say the two black suspects were in a four-door Nissan with black tinted windows. The suspects are believed to be 18 and 26 years old.

Miami-Dade Police Department is currently investigating.

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