Teresa Joseph

The Potential Dangers of Those Viral Baby Neck Floats

A new viral trend for babies hitting the water this summer is also a cause for concern. Experts want parents to think twice about those popular “baby neck floats.”

You’ve probably seen photos of adorable babies floating in the tiny swim aids. But, experts said these floats shouldn’t go anywhere near a baby’s neck, NBC affiliate WESH reports.

The floaties can potentially deflate and put an infant at risk of drowning, experts say. They are said to be potential death traps. The American Academy of Pediatrics cautions against any air-filled swimming aids at all, including arm bands or “water wings”), because any deflation immediately takes away their buoyancy.

The swim aids are also a concern for two retailers. eBay recalled two versions of the neck floats in Australia for failing to meet safety standards. Otteroo also recalled 3,000 of its products in 2015 after reports of burst seams.

The AAP says the best way to keep babies safe while taking a dip in the pool is staying in direct contact with them at all times and avoiding any distractions that may draw away your focus.

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