Three Injured After Jet Ski Collides with Boat

Two women and one man were taken to Ryder Trauma Center after a boat collided with a jet ski on Sunday.

According to Miami Fire Rescue, the crash happened near Picnic Island, which is near Northeast 21st Street and Bayshore Drive. Officials said a jet ski with two people on it collided with a boat that had four passengers.

After the collision, the man and woman on the jetski fell in the water and were unconscious. Witnesses told first responders that the jet ski also hit a female passenger on the boat and was also injured.

"With the Memorial Day weekend coming up, we want to really encourage and promote safety and awareness," said Captain Ignatius Carroll of Miami Fire Rescue, "Be aware of your surroundings. A lot of times, you're going to have a lot of children out there with their families. Most of our accidents that occur during Memorial Day weekend are a result of carelessness, operator error, or the fact that people are drinking and operating these vessels."

Rescue officials told NBC 6 that all three people are in stable condition. The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is now investigating. 

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