Despite Threats, Sen. Cruz Continuing Texas Tour

Cruz continuing visits to Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas

Senator Ted Cruz is continuing a scheduled tour of Texas, after a series of online threats this week.

The FBI and U.S. Capitol Police are looking into several Twitter messages sent on Oct. 14th.

The posts include several expletive-laden comments, including violent references.

In one, the user writes, “Show up at Ted Cruz’s home, he is the dirt bag (expletive) who caused all of this (expletive) to take place. Let’s drag him out hid (sic) (expletive) home and kick his (expletive)”.

The tweet included a specific address in Houston that belongs to the senator.

Other tweets called Sen. Cruz the “anti-Christ” and placed blame on the senator for the partial government shutdown.

The poster claims to be a former veteran from New Jersey.

Another tweet read “Hang Ted Cruz, y (sic) by his small (expletive) if he tries another ‘shutdown tactic’. He is a scum and needs tobe (sic) taught a street wise lesson.”

The senator’s schedule in DFW this coming week includes a small business roundtable forum at the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday afternoon.

Sen. Cruz’s staff also released plans for a “Thank You Rally” at Park Springs Bible Church in Arlington at 6 pm on Tuesday.

The event description writes that Sen. Cruz “wants to say thank you to everyone who supported him and those who continue to stand with him.”

“He will share his vision of the road ahead and about what happened during the past several weeks.”

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