Bulls-Celtics Game 7 Will Be the NBA's Super Bowl

The best series of the NBA playoffs is taking place in the first round

Hall of Fame Dodger broadcaster Vin Scully is famous for not talking after the biggest moments and letting the roar of the crowd tell the story.

If he were broadcasting the Celtics/Bulls first round NBA playoff matchup, he’d never speak. Frankly, we're all pretty much speechless.

This has been a classic series between two evenly matched, hard-nosed teams that trade punch for punch. Or Ben Gordon three for Ray Allen three. Or non Rajon Rondo flagrant foul for Rajon Rondo flagrant foul.

And we are all lucky that with the latest Chicago Bulls win — check out the 128-127 triple overtime below — we get one more game to watch Saturday night. This is must see television. If you have plans to go out Saturday, cancel them and invite the guys over to watch television.

There aren’t a lot of sporting events like that, but this is now one of them. Since four of the six games in this series so far have gone to overtime, you know this is going to be entertaining.

This series has seen the coming out party for Derrick Rose, the rookie point guard who plays like a seasoned veteran. He has made big shots and great decisions, all showing no nerves on the big stage. And while his defense has been suspect, he came up with the key block of a Rondo jumper on the last shot of the game.

But that block was one of countless amazing plays in this game. Early on Rondo grabbed Kirk Hinrich by the arm and flung him into the scorers table, earning him a flagrant foul. There was Brad Miller hitting a layup in the lane and later two free throws in the clutch. There is Joakim Noah getting a key steal then dunking over Paul Pierce in transition (maybe the key play of the game). There was two key shots by Allen, a deep two and a three falling to his left.

You can’t have a great series without bad blood, and there is plenty of that now. Bulls fans were incensed after Rondo did not get called for a flagrant foul after hitting Miller upside the head — the NBA front office says going for the ball but nobody actually believes that — in a key moment of game five. Both fan bases think the officials are out to get them.

Someone break the news gently to Kobe or LeBron: The environment in Boston Saturday will make this the peak of the season.

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