Panthers Fan Gone Wild

Fan exposes herself on camera, but will it inspire the sinking hockey team?

With the Panthers slumping away their chances at the postseason, fans could be excused for coming up with new ways to either entertain themselves or spur their team on at games. One woman, however, took this concept to new depths at a recent game when she got rather handsy with herself, lifted up her jersey, exposed her breasts, and smushed them against the glass while on camera. Via TotalProSports comes this censored yet still-not-safe-for-work- video. Um...wowzers!  Where does this young lady think she is, Sweden

Oh, right: Florida. It all makes sense now.

The Panthers themselves have come up with a more family-friendly way to jumpstart their team: a new jersey!  At first we doubted whether this would have the power to re-animate Jay Bouwmeester, who has only scored once in 19 games, but then we read that it'll have the mascot's head leaping through the words "Florida" and "Panthers."  That could solve the problem of having zero shots on goal in a quarter, and probably a global economic crisis or two on the side.

Whatever will work for the Panthers, it's time to activate it now. With their fourth straight loss on Tuesday night at the hands of the Capitals, Florida failed to leapfrog idle Carolina in the conference standings and remain stuck in 9th. They host the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight at 7:30, and every win counts as their chance at the playoffs begins to slip through their fingers.

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