Vengeful Hanley Rocks the Fish Boat

Ramirez sets skipper off with retaliation plea

Hanley Ramirez wants an eye for an eye, but all Fredi Gonzalez wants is a clubhouse without writers.

Usually every ballplayer's happy after an 11-3 drubbing to seal a series sweep, but for the up-and-down Marlins, few days go by without a little drama.

And so locker room harmony became team turmoil after yesterday's game when Ramirez, upset that the team didn't respond after he was hit by a pitch in the sixth inning, shared his disappointment with reporters.

"Everybody knows," Ramirez told reporters of the pitch from Blue Jay Dirk Hayhurst. "I think Fredi knows it. J.J. knows it. [Hayhurst] was throwing strikes."

Ramirez went on further, but switched to the Spanish language, telling a reporter that the team was "obligated" to retaliate if he gets thrown at.

"You know, incredible. There's going to come a point where I'm not going to feel protected," Ramirez told a reporter from the Sun-Sentinel. "I'm going to be scared to hit a home run because I know I'm going to get hit."

When Gonzalez was approached on the subject by reporters, he at first brushed it off.

"I don't want to get into that to be honest with you," Gonzalez said.

But after Gonzalez and Ramirez had a brief pow-wow, the Marlins' manager went on a rampage, demanding to hear the tape of Ramirez's comments, then changing his mind and throwing two reporters out of the clubhouse, saying they were trying to stir the pot.

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