Will Jeter Settle for Another Kind of Ring?

Change has come to America, and perhaps to Derek Jeter's libido.

Derek Jeter's reputation as a player on the field may be rivaled only by his reputation as a player off the field.

The portfolio of women Jeter's been linked to over the years reads like an episode of VH1's Hottest Girls of the Decade. From Mariah Carey to Miss Universe, Jessica Alba to Jessica Biel, Jeter's lady loves are a who's who of pop culture. The Yankee captain's four championship rings may be the envy of most baseball players, but his roster of championship-caliber honeys is the envy of every man across the globe.

But this is the year of Obama, and the man who has gotten the country whipped into a frenzy appears to be a champion of traditional fatherly values. Jeter's not that guy.

Or so we thought. Maybe the free-swinging Jeter has gone the way of President Bush: Reports linking him with actress Minka Kelly have been alarmingly persistent. Has he turned over a new leaf? It seems that the 28-year-old Kelly may be the only lady who can keep DJ home on a Friday night. 

Check out video below of Kelly, who plays Texas high school cheerleader Lyla Garrity on NBC's "Friday Night Lights." 

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