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Hulk Hogan Laying Legal Smack Down on Cocoa Pebbles

Hulk Hogan says Cocoa Pebbles stole and humiliated his identity



    Hulk Hogan Laying Legal Smack Down on Cocoa Pebbles
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    Linda's got the Hulkster in a legal choke hold.

    Professional wrestlers don't have a pension or retirement plan, but trying to squeeze cash out of the cartoon characters and breakfast cereal seems like a low blow, even for costume wearing grapplers.

    Hulk Hogan, yes the Real American himself, is suing Cocoa Pebbles for a commercial that features a blond-haired, muscle bound wrestler getting his tail handed to him by everyone's favorite barbarian baby, Bam-Bam.

    Cocoa Smashdown

    The lawsuit, filed in Tampa, claims that an unnamed cartoon wrestler resembles the Hulkster a little too much for his liking. So Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, filed a civil suit against Post Foods, the makers of Cocoa Pebbles.

    He claims the cereal stole his likeness of "a wrestling champion with long blond hair and a blond Fu Manchu mustache."

    Bam-Bam, Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone will not be called as witnesses, but they are mentioned in the lawsuit, which has to make any judge chuckle a little bit.

    In the commercial Hulk Hogan, er, Boulder, is beating the snot out of Fred and Barney over a bowl of chocolaty cereal, when Bam-Bam illegally interferes and then puts the cocoa smack down on Hulk Boulder.

    "Bam-Bam, Pebbles Fred and Barney celebrate with the Cocoa Pebbles brand cereal, as Hulk Boulder is shown humiliated and cracked into pieces with broken teeth," the lawsuit reads.

    So what happens when the most recognizable wrestler in history goes up against the largest cereal maker in the world?

    The same thing that happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, we assume.