All About Animals

All About Animals


Zoo Miami Welcomes New Addition

Another baby animal has been welcomed at Zoo Miami. »

Jaguar, Komodo Dragon Receiving Care at Zoo Miami

A jaguar and Komodo dragon are receiving special care at Zoo Miami as they face different challenges. »

Viral Photo Saves 'Hugging' Dogs From Being Put Down

Two dogs who were likely next in line to be euthanized at a Georgia kill shelter now have a fresh start at life thanks to the power of social media. »


Mating Manatees Frolick in Shallow Water at Pompano Beach

Beachgoers got an close-up look at a group of manatees in Pompano Beach Monday. »

So You Think You Know Shelter Pets?

There are times when I suggest a trip to our shelters, only to be met with a frown and an objection. Sometimes I get several objections at once! Here is a sampling of the most common ones - and why you shouldn’t... »

Humane Society of Broward County Adoptable Pets

Check out these adorable animals up for adoption in Broward County. »

Miami-Dade Animal Services Adoptable Pets - July 22, 2015

Check out some of the adorable adoptable pets in Miami-Dade. »

Wildlife Hospital Release 7 Otters After Rehab Stint

Wildlife officials say seven young otters are back in the wild after a rehab stint at the Florida Wildlife Hospital Sanctuary. »

How Moving Affects Our Pets

Moving puts a lot of stress on families - especially those members of our families that have four legs and fur. Here are some ways to make moving less harrowing for our pets. »

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