All About Animals

All About Animals

Stuff the Turkey, Not Your Pet!

The Thanksgiving holiday is almost here, but did you know it can be dangerous for your pet? »

Officials Could Further Limit Swimming With Manatees

Federal wildlife officials could further limit the number of swimmers allowed in Crystal River's Three Sisters Springs during peak manatee season in Citrus County. »

Broward Humane Society Adoptable Pets

Adorable animals up for adoption in Broward County. »


Alligator Crashes Picnic: Eats Food, Unfazed by Camera

An alligator showed up as an uninvited guest at a Florida trio's picnic and started munching on the food spread. »

Black Friday Pet Adoption Event

Avoid the mall crowds on “Black Friday” and add a furry friend to your family instead. »

Zoo Miami Welcomes Sumatran Tiger Cub

Representatives with Zoo Miami announced that a 4-year-old female Sumatran tiger named Leelo gave birth to a male cub on Saturday, Nov. 14. This was Leelo's first pregnancy. »

Wildlife Center Clears Brown Pelican for Takeoff

A pelican who was rescued by a local fisherman in March was released back to nature on Thursday. »


Highlighting Importance of Police Dogs Amid Death of French K-9

The death of French police dog Diesel has been trending worldwide Wednesday. »

Rehabilitated Sea Turtle Released off Key Largo

A hawksbill sea turtle who was found critically injured in October by a dive operator was returned to the sea last week after undergoing rehabilitation for its injuries. »

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