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American Cancer Society's Annual Jail & Bail for Charity



    Volunteers were "arrested" as part of the "Jail & Bail" fundraiser to benefit the American Cancer Society. NBC 6's Keith Jones reports. (Published Wednesday, June 25, 2014)

    Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel got his hands dirty Wednesday by putting some “bad guys” behind “bars” at the airport Sheraton all in the name of charity.

    The “arrests” were part of the “Jail & Bail” fundraiser to benefit the American Cancer Society. The Jail & Bail came complete with getting cuffed and placed in jail, but once the people were put behind the makeshift bars, they had to make calls to gain pledges from friends and colleagues to escape.

    Sheriff Israel said the event is important for his office.

    “They understand we’re real people like them,” Israel said. “They get to see another side of the community.”

    Arrestees were selected by organizers and they are then brought before a powder-wigged wearing judge and the “charges” were read. The judge is lawyer David Singer who has chaired the event for the past 23 years.

    Even NBC 6’s Keith Jones was put behind “bars.” He was charged with a bad show and having a “bad hair day.” Jones went behind bars for the fundraiser and made a couple of calls to co-anchor Jackie Nespral and even his boss.

    While no one picked up his calls, Jones eventually raised enough money to be freed.

    Miami Dolphins center Dwight Stephenson was another celebrity put behind bars, he was arrested on Monday and eventually broke free.

    The 2014 event is expected to raise about $4 million for the ACS.

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