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Health Officials Issue Alert for Dengue Fever After 7 Cases Reported in Central Florida

Seven cases of dengue fever confirmed in Martin and St. Lucie counties



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    An Asian Tiger mosquito feeds from the blood from a person in an undated photo. Officials are warning about a rare mosquito invading the West Coast that has been known to carry Dengue fever and other diseases abroad. Health officials say that the bugs are coming from Asia in shipments of popular bamboo plants.

    Health officials have issued an alert for mosquito-borne illness in a Central Florida community.
    The Palm Beach Post reports that seven cases of dengue fever have been confirmed in Martin and St. Lucie counties.

      While widespread in the Caribbean, the illness is uncommon in the United States. It is carried by household mosquitoes and can cause fevers, headaches and muscle and joint soreness. Some cases result in a heavy, red skin rash that can look like measles.
    The Florida Department of Health has expanded its health alert to the entire Jensen Beach area in Central Florida. Mosquito control crews are working in the affected areas.
    Officials advise residents to drain any standing water, cover their skin with clothing or repellent and protect windows and doors with screens.

    Man, 18, is First Locally Acquired 2013 Dade Dengue Case

    [MI] Man, 18, Was The First Person in 2013 to Contract Dengue Fever Locally in Dade
    An 18-year-old man was the first person to locally acquire a case of Dengue Fever in Miami-Dade county in 2013, health officials said. The person _ who has since recovered _ was diagnosed with Dengue Fever based on their symptoms and it was confirmed by lab tests.
    (Published Friday, Aug. 23, 2013)