17 Years After Her Death, Grandmother's Remains Found in Storage Unit

The woman, who died in 1995, appeared to have been prepared for burial

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    The skeletal remains of a woman who died nearly 17 years ago were found inside a Clearwater storage facility Thursday.
    Detectives and investigators found the remains of the woman, who died in 1995, inside of a blue casket in the unit, the Tampa Bay Times reported. She appeared to have been prepared for burial, according to medical examiners.
    Kevin McKeon, the district manager of U-Stor, called the unit's owner because they had not made payments since December, the Times reported. When McKeon threatened to auction the items in the unit, the woman revealed that her grandmother's remains were inside. The unit did not have air  conditioning.

    The owner also told the manager that she wasn't aware of the location of the remains until her mother told her one year ago before she too, died.
    Police said they looked for the remains of the woman's mother in other units that the family owned but did not find anything.
    Clearwater Police say they do not anticipate pressing any charges.
    The names of those involved were not released by police, and authorities have not identified the reason that the grandmother was not buried.
    The body was taken to A Life Tribute, a company that offers an "alternative to higher priced funeral homes," according to the Times.