Woman Arrested for Burglary After Victim Identifies her as Classmate’s Mother

The teen stopped at a Deltona ATM to withdraw money and as she reached her car, she was attacked by Tammy A. Perras,Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said.

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    Volusia County Sheriff’s Office
    Tammy Perras

    A woman was arrested after she attempted to rob a teen at an ATM but was identified by the girl as her classmate’s mother, Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said.

    The teen stopped at a Deltona  ATM to withdraw money and as she reached her car, Tammy A. Perras grabbed her by her hair and shoved her into the car, smashing the girl’s forehead, according to the sheriff’s office.

    “Perras stated she was going to kill (the teen) and told her she was going to take her belongings,” the report said.

    But then, the girl identified Perras as the mother of one of the girls who she went to school with, authorities said.

    Perras stopped the attack as the girl yelled about knowing who she was, the sheriff’s office said.

    The teen gave Perras $5 and asked her to stop the attack, according to deputies.

    Perras told the girl the entire thing was a “joke,” and asked the teen not to press charges, the report said.  But the teen told Perras she was going to pursue the charges, the sheriffs’ office said.

    Perras ran away but was found nearby by deputies. She told authorities that she did not threaten the teen but admitted she might have “scared” the girl, the report said.

    Perras also told the sheriff's office that the teen had given her $5 and a hug, authoritie said. Perras could not explain the swelling on the girl's forehead, and when she was asked if she had any property on her, she said she had money hidden in her bra, $5 of which had come from the girl, authorities said.  She then gave the deputy the $5.

    Surveillance photos obtained by authorities show Perras following the teen to her car, the report said.

    Perras is being held at Volusia County Jail and faces charges including burglary with battery, robbery without a firearm, and child abuse, according to police. It wasn’t immediately known if she had an attorney.

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