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Condoleezza Rice: U.S. Standing in the World in Danger

She said that if no one leads, either chaos will reign or "others who do not share our values will fill the vacuum."

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    Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reacts to the delegates as she arrives to address the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., on Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2012. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

    Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says raising U.S. standing in the world depends on solving problems at home, and that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is the man to accomplish that task.

    Rice, in her prepared speech to the Republican National Convention, does not mention President Barack Obama by name. But she says the America's position as the most successful political and economic experiment in history is in danger today.

    "If we are not inspired to lead again, one of two things will happen," she said. "No one will lead and that will foster chaos — or others who do not share our values will fill the vacuum."

    She speaks of the crisis in education and asks for immigration laws that protect the country's borders while meeting economic needs.

    "We need to give parents greater choice — particularly poor parents whose kids, most often minorities — are trapped in failing neighborhood schools," she said. "This is the civil rights struggle of our day."

    She says there is a sense that America has for too long carried the burdens of supporting free people and free markets, but that if the United States does not lead no one will lead, fostering chaos.

    "Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan understand this reality — that our leadership abroad and our well being at home are inextricably linked. They know what needs to be done," she said, drawing extended applause.