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Shedding light on life after dark

Santana Moss Kicks Back After Counseling Youths



    On any given Sunday Santana Moss often faces foes twice his size without hesitation, but Thursday's opposing squad was particularly intimidating.

    The faces staring down the Redskins' big play receiver weren't 300-lb. defensive linemen, but a group of young juvenile offenders at  Thompson Academy who hung on his every word.

    "I tried to let them know that right now is a wake up call for them," said Moss late Thursday night. "I let them know it's ok though, because everyone makes mistakes and gets a second chance."

    He took along close friends Colts wide receiverReggie Wayneand Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson to help spread the message. 

    Later that night, the trio lounged at Gulfstream and Casino's MI-VI nightclub where Moss reflected on what he calls the most "rewarding aspect of being blessed with NFL ability."

    "Knowing that I can show those kids a positive alternative is an amazing feeling," said Moss.

    Moss's passion for helping kids in Miami's inner-city seems only rivaled by his desire to land in the end zone after one of his signature acrobatic catches.

    Maybe it's because like them, the Carol City native has always found himself hoping for that one shot. As a walk-on at the University of Miami he went on to become the school's all-time leader in receiving yards. His name shines alongside Michael Irvin as UM's most prolific wide receivers.

    These days Moss is more focused on being "that light in his community" through the plethora of charity initiatives founded by him and his younger brother New York Giants wide receiver Sinorice Moss.

    "When I was growing I was praying that someone who I looked up to would come to my neighborhood and teach and show me something, but that never really happened," said Moss.

    "I told myself if I ever got that chance I would be that guy for my neighborhood. I would be that guy for my city."