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Swedish House Mafia's Steve Angello on Masquerade Motel



    As we told you in Monday's preview, this weekend's Masquerade Motel sold out in 34 minutes, so if you've not yet placed your mitts on some tix, well, you're probably outta luck. If you have though, then you'll be glad to know that Saturday's throwdown will be outta this world. How do we know? Because Swedish House Mafia's Steve Angello told us so.

    Word is you're moving to South Beach this time - that so?  We're right on the beach - on 8th Street and Ocean Drive. We have a custom arena built right on that sand and it's going to be amazing.

    What made you decide to hit the waterfront anyway? Is there a better way to do it on Miami than to be right on the beach enjoying the beautiful sites and great music?!

    This will be the second MM in less than 6 months. Why did you decide to return so soon? The first Miami Masquerade Hotel was over the Halloween weekend and it was fantastic. Of course Swedish House Mafia was going to do something huge for Miami Music Week, so of course this is the perfect time to take Masquerade Motel to the next level.

    What is it about Miami such a perfect place for Swedish House Mafia to take a stand? Miami has always held a special relationship with dance music. After all, some of the finest records were broken there and it's such a great place to party. When you do something big in Miami the whole world pays attention and Masquerade Motel is something huge!

    Will SHM be unveiling any new tracks for the folks? Last year our track "One" was one of the biggest tracks in Miami. It's safe to say we'll have something big going down this year at Masquerade Motel.

    Besides the talent slated for MM, is there someone else coming to town that you're particularly keen on catching? I'm really interested in Dirty South's Starphazing event at Mansion on March 24. He's playing Masquerade Motel, but this Mansion gig is all about showing people why Dirty South is one of Australia's most gifted dance music artists. His remixes are off the chart and this event will be as well!