5 Tips to Keep Your Pet-Friendly Floor Looking Great

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From scratches to accidents, shedding to spills, pet-friendly floors get put through a lot. Follow these simple tips to keep your floor looking good for years to come. Looking for a new pet-friendly floor to enjoy with your four-legged companion? Just enter your information below and get $500 off your next purchase at Dolphin Carpet & Tile!

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Start at the source
Reduce scratches and nicks by regularly trimming the claws that cause them. Minimize hairballs and dust bunnies by frequently brushing the pet that sheds them. Wipe dirty paws at the door when you come in from outside.

A little prevention goes a long way
Dirt and kitty litter will be tracked across your floor. But you can minimize how much by placing mats in entrances and high-traffic areas. Instill a “no shoes in the house” policy. Guard against water damage by putting a plastic liner under pet dishes.

Clean smarter, not harder
Put a rug pad under your carpet to create ventilation that makes vacuuming easier and more efficient. And speaking of vacuums, choose one with a tightly packed filtration system to reduce airborne pet dander. Do research to find the right cleaning product for your surface—and, since pets spend a lot of time on the floor and tend to eat whatever’s on it, look for non-toxic “green cleaners.” 

Clean as you go
The more often you sweep, vacuum or mop, the easier the job will be each time. Clean up spills immediately—when they’re ignored, they can set into a permanent stain. And be thorough but gentle: rubbing and scrubbing can damage surfaces and create a permanent scar.

There’s nothing wrong with a shortcut
Got scuffmarks? Gently rub them with a tennis ball. In a pinch, you can camouflage claw marks on a wood floor with a drawing crayon. To remove pet hair on carpet, put on a rubber glove and run your hand over problem areas. Carpet snags can be treated like a loose thread on an expensive blouse: use scissors to snip the yarn flush with the carpet.

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