WATCH: Benefit's Racy New Ad Designed to Produce a Blush

Put away that makeup brush. Benefit Cosmetics launched a new ad campaign that could make viewers blush…naturally.

The YouTube ad "Real Men Don't Fake It" features a cast of male characters engaged in different everyday activities -- hanging by the pool, going to the beach, fixing a car, stretching out at a yoga class -- while wearing skin tight clothing that shows off their unusually large "packages."

Excited women look on with their mouth agape as the men whip out something unexpected: a fistful of the company's "They're Real" mascara, which promises to deliver lashes so long, they look fake.

The ad ends with the tagline, "Laughter is the best cosmetic."

"We wanted to find a clever way to play on real vs. fake double entendre," Claudia Allwood, U.S. director of marketing at Benefit Cosmetics, told Mashable. "It's irreverent and cheeky, so overt [you] can't possibly take it seriously."

The ad debuted on Wednesday on Benefit's website and YouTube page.

Check out the video below:

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