Daisy Fuentes on Fashion Week & “La Voz Kids”

Fuentes said she is proud to have made her comeback through La Voz Kids, which has proven to be successful in its ratings.

The last time Daisy Fuentes, the Cuban-American television host and model, was on a Spanish-language TV show, Twitter and Facebook were not on the radar.

But since she made her comeback this year as host of La Voz Kids, a kid’s singing competition show, she was able to experience direct communication and feedback from her audience.

“It’s really gratifying for me and very different to get that instant response,” Fuentes said. “I love the contact with the viewers. I love hearing what the viewers are saying about the show, about the contestants and about what I’m wearing. I enjoy that part of it.”

Fuentes said she is proud to have made her comeback through "La Voz Kids."

“It had been many years,” Fuentes said. “In this business comebacks don’t happen so often so it’s very special for me and it’s just positive all around.”

After the show finishes, Fuentes is hoping to take a small vacation, but plans to quickly return back to work.

During this year’s Fashion Week in New York, Fuentes will be celebrating her 10-year anniversary of her clothing line at Kohl’s.

“I’ll be showing at Fashion Week and having a huge party to celebrate,” Fuentes said. “I’ll be doing more of what I’ve been doing for the past 20 years. Life has been pretty good in terms of what it throws at me. It’s always been full of surprises and very good.”

In the meantime, she continues to enjoy hosting "La Voz Kids" and said she has fallen in love with all of the show’s contestants.

“They are all seriously such amazing kids. I’m having a really hard time now seeing any of them go because they have come so far and at this point of the competition they are all so good that it’s just really difficult,” she said. “But I am looking forward to seeing the kids use this as a spring board for their careers.”

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